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In our modern, busy life, we frequently, and persistently focus on external, material matters. In so doing, many of us loose awareness of, and become inattentive to our psycho/physical, psycho/spiritual BEING. We go through empty motions as we rise in the morning to shower, eat three or more meals of long since deceased food a day, speed ourselves to a job we no longer enjoy, participate in superficial social engagements, and even, at times, attend church, listening almost mindlessly to a sermon far removed from our experience. We loose ourselves to endless busy action, and in service to the material world, a world often filled with empty stuff. In the still of the night we wonder why the quality of our life is deteriorating, and we hunger for intimacy. Many feel a sense of puzzlement and confounding, wondering about how to reclaim the sense of joyous fullness which we innately know as our birthright.

We meditate, run marathons, ski, bicycle, swim, travel, cook, read, do aerobics, and follow countless disciplines in the hope of balancing a life emerged in a confused world environment. We raise our animating force through these disciplines and don't know how to direct the very power we have claimed as ours.

Process #1, below, is intended to give us a moment to begin to reflect upon and increase our self awareness, to call data about our self from the darkness of the autonomic/automatic system, and to place it before our sensory system for loving, healthy scrutiny.

Process #1 is simply a small gift of taking the time "to smell the roses", even while you are racing through computer awareness and the information revolution.

As you follow the direction in Process #1, I invite you to release any polarized thoughts of good or bad, right or wrong, as well as any self critical thoughts. Should you find your mind full of extraneous material, instructing later actions, write those briefly, on the teach text of your computer; then continue with this process. Simply allow the unfolding data to fill your awareness. Observe and take note.

Just read these next few sentences one at the time, slowly; sit back and reflect on your spontaneous responses. Note and honor any lack of response. Those too hold a significance.

Please be aware...Is the text on this page easily legible, or does it strain your eyes? If it stains your eyes, have you considered increasing the font size preference of your browser? If that is something you think might contribute to your comfort, please stop a moment to actually increase the font size in the preferences of your browser.

Do you prefer the text in black or in colors? Change it if you like and your software will allow.

Are you sitting very close to your monitor? or far away?

Is your chair comfortable?

How pleasing is your general computer environment?

At this time, are you at work, home, or school?

Are there people, pets or machines to distract you?

Is the telephone an expected interruption? Can you silence it for these next minutes?

Are there multiple demands for project completion pressing upon you?

Is this a good time to "take five!--more like fifteen!", to reclaim yourself?

What is the content of your thoughts at this time?

Are you concentrating on what you are reading? or are you concentrating on increasing your self awareness?

Of what mental processes are you aware?

Do you experience more than one stream of thought?

Remember this is not an issue of right or wrong.

Are your thoughts focused in the past--that is of personal historic or general historic events? Do you find yourself in the future--that is what is going to happen to you or the world, or both? Is your attention in the present--the radical NOW?

Do you sense yourself, the parts of your body not occupied with reading the words on the screen?

Which parts of your body do you sense? Which are most clear, which appear faded?

How do you sense your feet, ankles, lower and upper legs, your torso, your back, your shoulders, arms, hands and fingers, your neck, and your head? Do you sense your blood streaming through your circulatory system? What of your hair, your skin, your eyelids, your individual internal organs, are they part of the picture?

Do you seem to sense your brain in action?

While you are reading these words on the monitor, do you continue to sense your toes?

Allow a full image of all aspect of yourself to form.

As you are reading, does your tongue move as if to mouth these words silently?

Are you aware of any strain or tension as you are sitting there reading these words on your computer

How are you breathing at this time? Is your "in breath" deep--gently reaching way into your lower belly, or shallow--just in your throat?

Are you breathing short little breaths, or slow long deliberate ones?

Become as aware of yourself as possible, sitting there near your computer. Record everything you sense in [what I call] the "journal of your sky". Note your observations and store them for recall and comparison at other times.

If you are able to open a Teach Text or word processor simultaneously with this document, do so, and record even while you sense. Just direct your fingers to spell out the words which signify your thoughts. Never mind if they are spelled correctly. You can, if you want, check your spelling later. Your entry can become part of your journal.

You have reached the end of this process for "Awakening"
Please let us know what you experienced.
We are interested in the effects of these processes across the net.


"body full of mind"
is currently under construction

end of process "Mindfulness"

Body Awareness

is in gestation
Please be patient
while it blossoms.

end of process "Body Awareness" 

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