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To share
or to participate in
"Weaving the Dream!"
e-Mail: Penny
c/o Penny McManigal
P.O. Box 9426
Newport Beach, CA 92658-9426
or call

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Copyright: Penny McManigal is freely showing her art in the service of world harmony and "Peace for Our Children". Reproducing or distributing any of Penny McManigal's art for profit, without her written consent is expressly forbidden.


  Celebrate our common ground. Become a...
 for Whole-Earth Millennium Celebrations

Penny McManigal, designer and Artist for Peace

"Four Stages" of the "Weaving The Dream! Project".

Stage One

Stage One has been the successful co-creation of the first prototype of "Weaving The Dream!" celebrational ritual at the Healing Summit in Monterey, CA in October,1997, attended by over 220 participants from 19 countries.
Stage Two
Stage Two is currently being developed here as a website, to be ready in the early Fall, so that groups around the planet can begin making their plans for meaningful Millennium Celebrations! The website will share photographs from the first "weave" (Stage One) and show a simple diagram to construct the ten foot diameter Sacred Circle for "Weaving the Dream!". It will describe what materials to use, cost estimates and give more ideas for this party. The written information will be available to be downloaded for free, thus enabling anyone interested, and able, to print out the information and share it with friends, neighbors, schools, churches and so forth! This website will also provide an interactive website "Message Board" so that participants can ask needed questions and also share their own creative ideas with all of us!

STAGE TWO also consists of co-creating several more prototypes of "Weaving The Dream!" prior to 2000 A.D. The second prototype was co-created in Ashland, Oregon at Sacred Theater in July, where "a pole was anchored for the Northwest". It will be followed by another celebration of "Weaving The Dream!" at the Klamath Falls, Oregon's "Day500 Count-Up to the Millennium" on August 19, 1998, and another at the International Healing Summit 2 in Glastonbury, England August 25-30, 1998. That particular "Weave" will then be continued on into France and Switzerland in September. At this very early time of "gestation" many wonderful people have been helping to further develop this vision in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and around the United States.

We already know that the future of our planet actually depends on our willingness to learn to work together as a world community for the benefit of all. This "Weaving The Dream!" project will create a beautiful montage of three dimensional co-created visuals so that we can indeed image this to be true! We can experience and "see" how our own small part helps to co-create the results for the whole planet! Without the many "gifts" of cloth from the celebrants there can be no weaving!

The culmination of STAGE TWO will actually include becoming "Millennium Dream Weavers" doing "The Weaves" of "Weaving the Dream!" as part of a countless collective of planetary small group circles celebrating the New Millennium.
Stage Three
Stage Three is planned for a high visibility, televised, world class Participatory Event of the interactive 'Live Art' of the "Weaving The Dream!" at some special venue mid-year 2000 A.D. e.g. at the 34th annual Folklife Festival on the Mall in Washington D.C., or some other highly visible world event) which can accommodate a large attendance, easy access to the area, and will be assisted by a cadre of willing volunteers!

In as much as the Vietnam Wall exists to Honor our Dead, this project of "Weaving The Dream!" will be created to Honor our Living! It can either be designed economically for a short time period (of a week or so or visioned and created as a permanent sculptural monument.)

In brief, this version will consist of a large (100' diameter or larger) Sacred Circle" of tall pairs of columns or pillars (one pillar representing the males and one pillar for the females) for each country in the world. The pillars would each be topped with:
  • the national flag of each country and
  • a sacred colorful pennant or prayer flag from each country, made from cloth indigenous to that country.
A very strong "netting", to be used as a the background "warp" and "weft" of "Weaving The Dream!", will encircle the poles, leaving an open ceremonial Gateway into the center.

The interior of the circle will be composed of a 60 foot wide (11 circuit) "walking labyrinth", as found on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France, and now appearing in churches (example Grace Cathedral in San Francisco), schools, parks hospitals, and public places all over the world. The labyrinth will be walked by participants of "Weaving the Dream!" as a "Moving Meditation" and metaphor for "that journey we call Life". An Eternal Flame will occupy the very center of this Sacred Circle. This flame will honor all generations of children: past, present and future!

The same kinds of materials, such as described for the small Celebrational plan, will be donated by individuals from around the planet and gathered at one Holding Site by a specific date in each country (heartfully suggested as Feb. 14, 2000). Each participant will also be invited to write no more than a one page explanation (pinned to the cloth entry) of the story behind how she/he had selected that particular piece of cloth as his/her birthday "Gift".

The materials from each country will be delivered to, a warehouse somewhere near the future World Event. At the actual time for this World Event of "Weaving The Dream!" all the "Gift" materials from around the planet will be presented at the site in very large baskets or containers, labeled by each country. Visitors to the celebrational site will be invited to select any piece of cloth, from any country container, and then to "weave" it into the netting of the Sacred Circle. Volunteers will be offering assistance in connecting each "woven" piece to the next . Live folk music and folk dances, from around the world, are envisioned as surrounding this interactive and international "Weaving the Dream!", creating a memorable Birthday celebration for our Mother Earth as a truly joyful and memorable interactive 'Live Art' event for our New Millennium! This "We ARE the World" event will receive television coverage worldwide.
Stage Four
Stage four will consist of a plan to save any "unwoven" cloth world donations which could possibly be remaining from the Stage Three big celebration, so that nothing will be forgotten or be unused! This will be accomplished by mixing all of the remaining materials together, thus creating A "Whole World Cloth", and then dividing this "cloth casserole" all up and returning a "same size portion" to every country. Thus it is hoped that this "new cloth" will then become the "yeast" for untold numbers of future art projects in communities encircling the globe, whose high purpose will be to visually celebrate a planet which wishes to live in peace and harmony as they also honor their rich diversities!
Let's celebrate our "common ground"! Willing volunteers make grassroots grow!

Thank you and pax (peace)!
Penny McManigal
"Weaving the Dream!"

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