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To share
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"Weaving the Dream!"
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Copyright: Penny McManigal is freely showing her art in the service of world harmony and "Peace for Our Children". Reproducing or distributing any of Penny McManigal's art for profit, without her written consent is expressly forbidden.
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Penny McManigal, designer and Artist for Peace

History of the Weave

"Weaving the Dream!" a "Live Art" co-creation was first manifested at the International Healing Summit, in Monterey, CA, in October 1997! The Summit included over 200 participants from 19 countries.

"Weaving the Dream" was "anchored for the Northwest" during Peggy Rubin's Sacred Theater in Ashland, Oregon (July '98).

Planned Celebrations
Even as this website is being prepared, "Weaving the Dream" is being incorporated into the Klamath Falls, OR, Tree Island Millennium Gathering occuring on Aug.18-20, 1998 for the Day500 Countdown to the Millennium". While ellenHelga Weiland is "raising the posts" for that celebration, I will, with friends be "Weaving the Dream!" into the International Healing Summit 2, held in Glastonbury, England (August25-30); continuing its "Weave" on to Switzerland and France. [see schedule of events]

England's Ancient Builders
On 11/23/97 William D. Montalbano (a Times Staff Writer) offered the following article in the Los Angeles Times:

London -- They were rich, tightly organized and gods-fearing farmers at the dawn of history who threw huge religious monuments skyward centuries before the ancient Egyptians raised the Great Pyramids.

Now a major discovery is shedding new light on the convictions and the visions of these early Britons, ancestors of the stone-circle builders who left their most lasting mark at world famous Stonehenge.

Without setting eyes on it, scholars announced this month that they have discovered the remains of a huge circular timber temple below the hooves of farmer Richard Young's sheep in a 37 acre pasture near the village of Stanton Drew, about 80 miles north of Stonehenge,
"I think it is certainly among the top 20 archeological finds this century,"

said Geoffrey Wainwright, chief archaeologist for English Heritage, Britain's leading conservationist of historic buildings.

The nine-ring wooden temple at Stanton Drew, marked by underground remains of the pits into which 5-ton, 30-foot oak trunks were carefully spaced, is about 5,000 years old.

The vast and elaborate Neolithic structure was 100 yards in diameter and was surrounded by an enormous ditch 15 to 20 feet deep with a large gap facing the northeast. Such structures are named henges after the one at Stonehenge, said Andrew David, an English Heritage specialist who surveyed the site.

Neolithic timber palaces are unique to Britain. The Stanton Drew find is almost twice the diameter of Stonehenge, Wainwright says, and far bigger than any of the other seven previously discovered circular wooden henges.

Neil Linford, an archeological geophysicist who worked on the discovery team, said the temple was found in September thanks to a newly developed and highly sensitive magnetometer, which measures the concentration of iron and oxides underground. In effect, the machine showed the regular pattern of the postholes through residues of rock and decayed wood, Linford said.

"Really good geophysical archeology, X-raying the ground before or without digging, is an exciting new development. It is a bit like the dawn of aerial photography in the '20s -- that's how the timber temple we call Woodhenge was discovered around 1931," said Andrew Fleming, a prehistorian at Lampeter University in Wales.

The postholes were about 3 feet deep, 3 feet in diameter and 3 feet apart. Neolithic man would have slid a tree trunk into each hole and propped it upright, but the overall structure was too big to have been roofed, Wainwright says.

Information about the timber temple at Stanton Drew has been available from the English Heritage Web site.

Thank you and pax (peace)!
Penny McManigal

"Weaving the Dream!"

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