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To share
or to participate in
"Weaving the Dream!"
e-Mail: Penny
c/o Penny McManigal
P.O. Box 9426
Newport Beach, CA 92658-9426
or call

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Copyright: Penny McManigal is freely showing her art in the service of world harmony and "Peace for Our Children". Reproducing or distributing any of Penny McManigal's art for profit, without her written consent is expressly forbidden.

 Celebrate our common ground. Become a...
 for Whole-Earth Millennium Celebrations

Penny McManigal, designer and Artist for Peace

"Weaving the Dream"! Around the World - Schedule!
YOU ARE INVITED to join our Global Family in a simple, joyful and co-creative Birthday Party of goodwill for our dear Mother Earth. Please share this invitation with everyone you know and begin planning now for a deeply meaningful celebration for our New Millennium.

glastonbury weave 1

BELOW ARE STATES AND COUNTRIES already actively engaged in the world round event called "Weaving the Dream". Feel free to contact existing groups, or e-Mail to get additional information about how you and your group can organize your own weave.


Where in the world has Weaving The Dream! traveled?  (1997-2003) a worldwide celebrative, interactive, LiveArt Project for the New Millennium, imagined and created by Penny McManigal and co-created* around the planet!

  1. Monterey, CA, 1997, International Healing Summit

  2. Vermont, New Year's Eve, 1997-98, Ribbon Weave, Gathering of Friends

  3. Ashland, Oregon, 1998, The Center for Sacred Theatre

  4. Klamath Falls, Oregon, 1998, Ellen Weiland at The Millennium Institute

  5. Glastonbury, England, 1998, Creative Health Network Conference

  6. The Amazon, Peru, 1998, Bea Agins with Peruvian Village tribe

  7. Pajaro Dunes, CA, 1998, 90th Birthday, a Family Ribbon Weave

  8. Gold River, CA, 1998, print, Family Ribbon Weave

  9. Newport Beach, CA, 1998, Family Ribbon Weave, print + stationery

10. Santa Barbara, CA, 1998, Presentation, Earth Rainbow Network

11. Irvine, CA, 1998, Speaker and Presentation to Southern CA Artist Association

12. Claremont, CA, 1999, The Claremont Forum (Solo Exhibit: Paper & Ribbon Weave).

13. Irvine. CA, 1999, Ribbon Weave (Anne DeWitt, her friends and family)

14. Washington D.C., May 1999, (model given to White House Millennium Institute)

15. Washington D.C., May 1999, (model given to The Smithsonian Folk Life Festival)

16. Russia, 1999. Urania Myth and Symbol Russian Conference (co-created 4 Ribbon Panels, Weaving The Dream!)

17. Russia, (Moscow), 1999,2 Ribbon Panels, Weaving The Dream!

18. Russia (Western Urals), 1999, Ribbon Panel, Weaving The Dream! and small model

19. Newport Beach, CA, 1999, 1 Ribbon Panel, Weaving The Dream!

20. CA State University, Long Beach, April 2000, Academic Day (2,000 students K-8. co-creating Weaving The Dream! plus 2 classes writing of their experiences)

21. C.S.U.L.B., CA, 2000, Kaleidoscope Festival (Weave with music, art and labyrinth)

22. Vejar Elementary School, Walnut, CA, 2000, (500 students plus teachers and parents)

23. Australia, Queensland, 2000, International Healing Summit (Creative Health Network)

24. Australia, South Mole Island, 2000, 1 panel Ribbon Weave

25. Australia, Ngaro Aboriginal tribe (to Ngaro Elder for Queensland Tribal Festival)

26. Newport Elementary School, Newport Beach, CA, 2000, (500 students, teachers and parents)

27. Los Angeles County Fair (Education Expo) approximately 2,000 participants. (Award: Outstanding Exhibition, Education Building)

28. Hong Kong, (Kowloon) China, 2000, People to People International, as Artistic Ambassador PTPI presented Eisenhower Peace Medallion to Archbishop Desmond Tutu

29. Hong Kong, (Kowloon) China, 2000, People to People International, I Ribbon Panel

30. Claremont, CA, 2000, Pilgrim's Place, Weaving The Dream! with the town of Claremont. CA

31. Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, 2001, MasterPeace-2001 Conference

32. DA Gallery, Pomona, CA, 2001, Weaving The Dream! Installation, Transformational Art

33. Santa Cruz, CA, Nov. 11,2002. City Festival (Denise Schabel, N. CA Steward)

34. Tiburon, CA, 2002, fundraiser for Amazon Village in Peru, (Denise Schabel, N. CA Steward)

35. San Francisco, CA. Oct. 17-19,2003, Gather The Women Congress (with Denise Schabel, N. CA Steward of Weaving The Dream!)

(With thanks from Penny McManigal, Imagineer, for assistance from Paul McManigal, Engineer)

Earlier forms of Weaving The Dream! Worldwide Co-creative Project presented 1991-1997 as:

  1. Weave A Dream Of Whole Cloth (1991 Presentations in Giza, (Egypt), Moscow (Russia), USA: Atlanta (GA), Irvine (CA), Los Angeles (CA) and Pomona, (New York)

  2. Just Imagine! Weaving The Dream, 1997, Earth Rainbow Network

  3. Website: Weaving The Dream!, 1997, www.ashlandweb.com/millennium.weave Invitation to the entire Planet to celebrate Weaving The Dream a worldwide co-creative Celebration. LiveArt Project for the New Millennium

  4. The World's First Interactive Cyber-Quilt, -1997, co-created in color via AOL


glastonbury weave 2     glastonbury weave 3

To participate please e-Mail!

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