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Penny McManigal; e-Mail

We wish for an answer, a message of hope
In this world, where hatred must cease
The hope that we long for, lies deep in the heart
Wherever live children of peace.

We ask for our freedom in safety and love
While darkness and hunger increase
But all of our problems would soon disappear
If we become children of peace.

There is no separation between you and I
We are part of the same family
Now we stand in the dawn
Of a new age of love
And the chance to bring earth it's harmony

So smile on your brothers
No strangers are we
Together we'll watch love increase
We'll change what we've been
And find heaven within
As we become children of peace.

When we live for each moment
And let our love flow
The truth is so easy to see
We can all join together
Create a new world
Become the light
We're meant to be.

This grandeur is waiting
For us to begin
To realize our heart holds the keys
We'll unlock the joy that we've hidden away
As we become children of peace
As we become children ...

Let go of the fear, let go of the past
Trust in your own Light with ease
There's nothing to do except be who we are
For we are the children of peace
Forever, we're children of peace.

To share
or to participate in
"Weaving the Dream!"
e-mail: Penny
c/o Penny McManigal
P.O. Box 9426
Newport Beach, CA 92658-9426
or call

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Copyright: Penny McManigal is freely showing her art in the service of world harmony and "Peace for Our Children". Reproducing or distributing any of Penny McManigal's art for profit, without her written consent is expressly forbidden.

 Celebrate our common ground. Become a...
 for Whole-Earth Millennium Celebrations

Penny McManigal, designer and Artist for Peace

Peace for Our Children

[a Painting with a Life of its Own!]
By International Peace and Transformational Artist, PENNY McMANlGAL

March 24, 1989:

The original painting was presented to future Nobel Laureate, Mikhail Gorbachev, "on behalf of the children of the world". A twelve year old delegate of the 1989 USA-USSR Youth Ambassadors' Summit made the presentation at St. Vladamir Hall, The Kremlin, Moscow, USSR

October 5,1989:

A limited edition lithograph was presented by the artist to His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama at the Harmonia Mundi in Newport Beach, California. On this day it was announced he had received the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize.

March 2, 1990:

President George Bush received a limited edition lithograph following a "Drug Use is Life Abuse Rally" in Santa Ana, California.

January 5, 1992:

A limited edition lithograph was presented to Mrs. Anwar Sadat in memory of her Nobel Laureate husband and for her work for World Peace, Giza, Egypt.

September 27, 1996:

A limited edition Lithograph was presented to Yuval Rabin in memory of his Nobel Laureate father, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, at a "People to People International Conference", Newport Beach, California.

Posters of "Peace for our Children" hang in homes, offices, schools and government buildings across America and every continent of the world. California Congressman Christopher Cox felt it was a visual image which should also be hung at the South Pole.

.In 1994 it was given to both the American and Vostok (Russian) Pole Stations in Antartica at the South Pole! In "Peace for our Children" people are invited to see an image of balance, harmony and peacefulness. It makes a visual statement for people everywhere who believe in the possibility of a sustainable peace for our children and our children's, children's children. Because the rich symbolism of art reaches beyond language barriers, it provides a universal language to help form new patterns of thought. At this time Penny McManigal believes artists are urgently being called upon to share their images of hope for a peaceful planet which celebrates life's diversities and honors our vast cultural, mythological and personal heritages.

Parents are encouraged to hang this image in their homes as a reminder of their sacred responsibilities to provide for their children's safety, happiness and well being.

"Peace for our Children" is available as a Limited Edition of 325, as 21"x31" posters and notecards. The artist shares proceeds of sales with nonprofit organizations.

Direct inquiries to:

Penny McManigal
PO Box 9426
Newport Beach, CA 92658-9426

949-721-8059 (phone/fax)

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