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To share
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"Weaving the Dream!"
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I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hairl;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain,

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

by Joyce Kilmer

Copyright: Penny McManigal is freely showing her art in the service of world harmony and "Peace for Our Children". Reproducing or distributing any of Penny McManigal's art for profit, without her written consent is expressly forbidden.

 Celebrate our common ground. Become a...
 for Whole-Earth Millennium Celebrations

Penny McManigal, designer and Artist for Peace

 Art Biography 1998
Penny began to draw and create at age two. The arts always seemed to enrich everything she did as she progressed through school. In 1954 Penny graduated from Fullerton Union High School (Fullerton, CA, USA) as Student Body President and also received the First Place award for Fine Arts in Southern California for the "Bank of America Achievement Awards". She received her B.A. from Pomona College in 1958, (majoring in art, minoring in english and serving as Student Body Vice President). Some graduate work was done at the Oakland School of Art and Design during her summers when teaching elementary School in northern California while her husband, Paul, finished his Ph.D. in nuclear physics at Berkeley. Penny was listed in "Outstanding Young Women of America" in the 60s. Her early work of captivating watercolors and collaged acrylics revealed her delight in life and introspective reflections of passing time.

Most delightful among her "creative experiences" is being the mother to her two wonderful children, Lisa and Scott; Artist as Mother!

Among Penny's significant solo exhibits was a 1982 showing of 62 paintings at Galerie France, in Bordeaux, France. Included in her other numerous solo or group exhibitions are: The Oakland Museum, Claremont College, Montgomery Gallery, Ankrum Gallery (L.A.), Laguna Beach Art Museum, "All California", (SanDiego), Pomona College, Sherman Gardens Gallery, Chapman College, Newport Civic Center Gallery, Irvine Fine Arts Center Gallery, The City of Buena Park Civic Gallery, National Academy of Sciences, (Office of International Affairs and Nuclear Arms Control), International Museum of 20th Century Art, Women's Opportunity Center (University of CA at Irvine), The Beckman Center (Irvine) National Academies of Sciences and Engineering, United Nations Orange County Chapter and the United Nations, NGO 4th World Conference on Women (The Peace Tent), China, the association of "Southern California Artists", (SCA) Guggenheim Gallery (Chapman Colleg).

Penny's public collectors include the City of Anaheim, The Junior League of Orange County, American State Bank, The American Red Cross (Orange County), St. Vincent de Paul-Joan Kroc Center (San Diego), a children's museum in Moscow, (then the USSR), The Richard Nixon Library, Langhorne Peace Center (PA), and Pomona College, The People's Network (TPN) and The Rocky Mountain Institute (CO).

In addition Penny's work is represented in private collections on every continent throughout the world, including such notables as: President Mikhail Gorbachev (USSR, '89), H.H. The 14th Dalai Lama ('89), President George Bush('90), Madam Anwar Sadat, Egypt ('92), Yuval Rabin, Israel ('96), John Denver and the Windstar Foundation, Director of the Bordeaux Museum (France), Congressman Christopher Cox, Wangari Mathai (Kenya, Africa), Dr. Yvgeny Velikhov, Vice President of the Soviet Academy of Sciences and Director of Soviet Nuclear Arms Control ('89), the Office of People to People International ('96).

Following the presentation of "Peace for our Children", which was given "To President Gorbachev on behalf of the children of the world" at a USSR-USA Youth Summit in St. Vladamir Hall at the Kremlin in March 1989, Penny became a grass roots Transformational Artist-for-Peace and has since been donating a percentage of her sales to non-profit groups which support children and/or peace, such as: Child Help USA, Children's Home Society, The U.N. Council for Global Cooperation and Goodwill, The Southern California "Peace Child" Honor Choir, The United Nations Center (Orange County), Saint Michael's and All Angels "Episcopal Peace & Justice Conference, S. CA" (Newport Beach), The National Federation of Parents for Drug Free Youth (1987 and 1988), Earth Day,The Clara Barton Spectrum Awards (American Red Cross), Women of Vision Conference (Georgetown University.), Yoga for Peace International Peace Conference (Israel), The International Healing Summit (CA), World Parliament of Religions, People to People International and many, many more!

Penny's artwork has appeared on the covers of "Orange County Illustrated magazine", "Awareness Magazine", "Orange County Lawyers Magazine", "People to People International magazine", as well as numbers of "Women of Vision", WOVA publications, and as the 1988 Centennial poster for Pomona College.

Others of Penny's numerous and varied artistic activities have included: five years as a Newport Beach City Arts Commissioner (committee); volunteer art teacher (both writing and teaching the curriculum for six years) at East Bluff Elementary School (Newport Beach, CA); teacher Newport Harbor Art Museum Children's Art Workshop; free lance graphic designer, Artist-as-Photographer and also a short time as a part owner in a cloissone pin business.

In 1988 Penny's focus took a radical 180 degree turn. Beginning with her acrylic on canvas, "Peace for our Children", which was presented to President Gorbachev in The Kremlin in 1989, she continues to paint images for a more peaceful world, expressing the collective visions and longings of our transpersonal "World Soul". Always of deep interest to her in her earlier work, the subjects of sunlight and shadow moved from her delight in the temporal exterior world to the profound light and shadow of the vast realms found within. Her latest work reveals the power of symbol as a universal language, able to transcend language barriers. She believes that today artist's are urgently being called upon to share their sacred images of a world which can find a way to live in peace and harmony.

Wherever she is Penny continues to see a world of pathos and beauty, enticing us "to look with eyes that love this world". Recent travels in the past ten years to the richly diverse visual sights in Russia, Egypt, India, Indonesia,Israel and China have also brought a new artistic dimension into form, that of "Artist as Photographer on The Trail to Peace". Whether painting bold acrylic canvases of a world in transformation or photographing people as they appear in the physical world today, Penny's work celebrates life's rich diversities,thereby honoring our vast cultural, mythological and personal heritages.

At this time Penny McManigal has integrated her lifetime of active community leadership with her work as a professional artist into an increasingly active co-creator on the world stage, as "Artist As Healer" and as "Transformational Artist-for-Peace". As such she will be presenting: "Artist as Healer" with Barry Sultanoff M.D., of Washington D.C. ("Healer as Artist") at the International Healing Summit this August 25-30 in Glastonbury, England.

McManigal's vision for the approaching new millennium includes the creation of a World Project which she has named "Weaving the Dream!" (also called "Imagine Weaving the Dream!" or "The Weave".

Penny's recent work, 1988 - 1998

Transformational Artist For Peace


"Centennial Poster, Pomona College, Claremont, CA " "Peace For Our Children" (painting) presented to President Gorbachev, Kremlin, Moscow, USSR, March 24, USA--USSR Youth Summit " Poster for Conference of National Federation of Parents for Drug Free Youth


"Peace for our Children" (Limited Edition lithograph) presented to H.H. the Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Harmonia Mundi, October 5,1989, Irvine, CA


"Peace For Our Children" (Limited Edition lithograph) presented to President Bush, Drug Use Is Life Abuse Rally, Orange County, March 2 " Photographic Solo Exhibition, Pennsylvania "Artist As Photographer, On the Trail to Peace"


"Photographic Solo Exhibition, International Museum, Laguna Beach, "Focus: Many Faces? Many Places"


"Peace For Our Children" (Limited Edition lithograph) presented to Jehan (Mrs. Anwar) Sadat, Giza, Egypt January 5 " Photographic Solo Exhibition, Women's Opportunity Center, University of California, Irvine


"Dear Life!" Solo Exhibition: Paintings, Photography and Drawings (165 works) The Beckman Center, National Academies of Sciences and Engineering, Irvine, January-August " Cover, "Orange County Lawyer Magazine" ("Earth's Birth") November issue


"American Red Cross Spectrum Award Luncheon (Invitation and Announcement, painting and design ) " Women of Vision Conference, Women of Vision, Petite Exhibition of Art Work, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., October " National Dyslexia Research Foundation Logo Design "Peace For Our Children" posters delivered to American and Russian bases, South Pole " Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, CA, Group Juried Exhibition


"Petite Solo Exhibition, Prints and Photography, Peace Conference, Israel, January " U.N. Association 50th Year Celebration, Orange County Chapter: Solo Exhibition, Global Photography and Paintings, May " Petite Exhibition, U.N. NGO Fourth World Conference on Women, Peace Tent, Beijing, China


"Pomona College, Rembrandt Club (Featured speaker & slides of artw~rk) " People To People International Conference, Newport Beach ("Peace For Our Children" Limited Edition to Yuval Rabin, son of slain Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin)- The People's Network (TPN) Channel television, Speaker and Presentation of "Peace For Our Children", Limited Edition lithograph " Cover, "Awareness Magazine" (painting, "Child of the Universe")


"Creator and co-creator of "The World's First Interactive Cyberquilt" " International Healing Summit, Monterey, CA (speaker "Artist as Healer" plus exhibited paintings and prints and Created prototype #1 of a 3-D co-creative Live Art Sacred Circle, " Weaving The Dream!" for a future Millennium Project - Initiated the Earth Rainbow Network New Millennium Discussion Group at Intuition Network - Ojai Foundation, Autumn Wheel (artworks as greeting cards and prints), October " Earth Rainbow Network Collegium, Casa de la Maria, Santa Barbara, CA (presented artwork and "Imagine Weaving The Dream!" project- APPPAH conference (artworks as greeting cards, Bookstore), San Francisco, CA


"Cover, 'Awareness Magazine' ("Reweave the Planet!") "Cover (Spring),'People to People International' magazine,"Peace For Our Chiidren" " Featured Speaker, Southern California Artists, Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, May 26 " "Weaving The Dream!", (interactive 'Live Art' Sacred Circle, prototype #2 for Millennium Project), Sacred Theater, Ashland, Oregon, July " Tree Island "500 Day Countup" Millennium Gathering,"Weaving The Dream!" (interactive 'Live Art' Sacred Circle, prototype #3 for Millennium project), August 19 - International Healing Summit 2, Glastonbury, England, August 25-30 (speaker "Artist as Healer" and " also "Weaving The Dream!" (interactive 'Live Art" Sacred Circle' for Millennium Project) "Peace for our Children", a Benefit for American Red Cross and 4 other Charities


The Claremont Forum, The Claremont Jung Society -- Stewards of Transition

Penny's painting, photographs and posters are in many places on every continent! Since 1988 her Peace and Transformational artwork has been exhibited or sold at such places as:

John Denver's Windstar Foundation; the USA National Academy of Sciences, Office of International Affairs; The Soviet Academy of Sciences; Childhelp USA; Children's Home Society; City of San Diego--USSR Cultural Festival; United Nations Society; Beyond War; Pomona College; City of Anaheim; Congressman Cox; Earth Day; Alliance for Survival; Newport Beach Civic Center Gallery; La Jolla Museum Gift Shop; Newport Harbor Art Museum Gift Shop; United Nations Council for Global Cooperation and Goodwill; Grad Nite Foundation; Episcopal Peace & Justice Conference, Southern California; Peace Child Honor Choir; CCAP (Coalition Concerned With Adolescent Pregnancy); Waldorf School; East West Foundation: Harmonia Mundi Conference; MEND (Mothers Embracing Nuclear Disarmament); St. Vincent de Paul--Joan Kroc Center; San Diego Historical Society; Poster Express; Fullerton Union High School; BAND Peace Center, Langhorne, Pennsylvania; Omnibus Gallery, Aspen, Colorado; Montgomery Gallery Alumni Retrospective, Claremont; Richard Nixon Presidential Library; California State University at Long Beach, Fine Arts Affiliates; United States Information Association (USIA), Wash., D. C.; Bower's Museum Gift Shop; Big Brothers-Big Sisters; World Parliament of Religions (Theosophical Society Bookstore, Wheaton, Illinois); Irvine Fine Arts Center, American Red Cross; National Dyslexia Research Foundation; Presbyterian Women's Western States Synod, San Clemente; International Healing Summit, Monterey, CA; (APPPAH) The Association for Pre-and Perinatal Psychology and Health 8th International Congress, San Francisco, CA; Children's Hospital of Orange County; Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and more. Inquire: McManigal Design phone/fax 949-721-8059

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