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Poetry by Penny McManigal
16 Inverness Lane
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Just  Zazzling Along

A giggling Zazzle?
A laughing Sizz?
That's the way
She really is !
You want to join?
Just turn it on;
Jump right thru
To our new Dawn
Leap up and Hope,
Forget the rest,
Look to the future
And do your BEST !
Now Weave your Dream,
And dance your heart,
Then paint your Life 
With LOVE, that's ART !
* 2000 
 Penny McManigal   International Society of Poets

Our Circle Weave
 Pencil lavendar our circle,
 Swooping cranes on top.
 Riotous colors, flag tall
 Line pairs of ochre bamboo
"Who weaves here?" you ask.
"Commmunities passing through.
 On their way to Tomorrow,
 Leaving vibrant color trails."
"What is the point?" you ask.
"Honoring the Living Process
 Before we are stop-clocked
 Into Silence....................."
Penny McManigal
 * 2001    International Society of Poets


NOW Is all there Is
What will we become?
A break up? A break down?
Perhaps a break through?
We hang in the shifting NOW.
We hang by the skin of our teeth,
our collective past pond-muddy deep,
our planetary future cumulously cloudy.
But there is only NOW to BE,
nano-seconded behind us
with every blink of the i.
Authenticate hopefulness:
Certify peacefulness:
Honor freedom:
We the People, Now Is all there Is !
Penny McManigal
  2002*  International Society of Poets

She who Is who she Is
What I know Is.
What I know Is what I know.
I come on to your stage
to play in the NOW,
not the future or the past.
The old vessel is no more,
exploded across the counter
and totally unbound now!
Boundless in its true form,
which is free to open space.
It is time for us to begin again,
work with earth, grasses and leaves,
moulding our new vessel in the sunlight.
Penny McManigal
 * 2002

Finding Our Balancing Point
Dancing on the Edge in troubling times;
searching to find our shared balancing point.
Creating new forms by blending old forms;
co-creating our new movements peacefully.
Inner Teachers teaching Outer Students;
Teachers and Students sharing in Circles.
Penny McManigal
 * 2004

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