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Posted by Corrina McFarlane on June 06, 1999 at 22:42:39:

In Reply to: Weave Prose Section: Add yours! posted by Penny on May 31, 1999 at 15:16:37:

Subject: Re: Dance the World

Your Dance the World image is just beautiful - Thank You
Blessings, Corrina


Of Weaving

All across the world I traveled to places I thought I'd never seen
before. All sorts of people I met I thought I never knew before.
But I know them all and I've been everywhere. And the journey
was because I needed to remember. So I came Home....and Home ....and Home. These heartwords come from light years in the life of an elf. What a delight to re-discover the garden and everybody still playing in it.

One Christmas Eve night I was honored to be the carrier of the
children═s stockings. They were asleep beneath the Pine tree
beside the Lake. I took the twinkling green garland all hung with
little bells and 2 red hearts, and tip-toed in the dark warm
wind, draping it about the branches, that the two red hearts might hang close to their Christmas morning eyes. All through
the darkness the faerie bells played, filling the night air with magic. And in the morning there was the Shared Heart. And from that tree the garland spread, weaving and winding around the Earth, meeting entwining, back and forth, until the whole world was a netweave of green.

The whole thing about hearts is that they cannot bear to be
alone, nor ever were meant to be. And if you cloak them around
for fear of hurt, they hurt like hell. The Shared Heart, in
contrast, is like unto a fullness such as you have only dreamed

The whole thing about dreams is that they are real, and so all
you ever dreamed of in your wildest soaring delight is as real as elves. And I'm proof of them.

So to all you faerie folk who taught me how to smile again I bring my S-elf. And great gratitude that you dared.
See you in the forest.
Love elf

This night happened in New Zealand and when I landed in the
States I discovered the sense I had had of a weaving had impacted in real time on real people. I connected with a couple in Colorado who had ´felt═ me coming since that night and I said
to them in amazement ˝Do you realize we are ´planetweaving═.
Sometime later I found myself in San Francisco, connecting
with a German man who needed a name for his healing
space/visionary retail store on Haight Street. After a city-wide
contest failed to bring the name in that felt right for this special store, I was prompted to suggest ´PlaNetweavers Treasure Store═. . That became the name.

This extraordinary project has grown over 10 years and now has a second location in the Castro, San Francisco. Those of us who were involved in the beginnings are now scattered across the continent and around the globe but we all wove this ´PlaNetweaver═ quality into our identities and it has kept us very much alive to each other.

You dreamed this awake
World citizens
Who know the Earth═s at stake
We dedicate our lives to you who dared to say
We could be so much more
There═s got to be another way

One day in each of us rebellion rose
And old world (b)orders could not keep us bound
Remember when they said the world is flat
And one by one we dared to say It═s Round!!

The Renaissance of open hearts has come
And lucid minds that readily discern
One global family dressed in diverse form
One common heart to beat in our return

The undercurrent starts to overflow
Compassion is the warmth by which we see
The energy that weaves this planet dance
Yet passion is the driving quality

We plant our feet with passion on the Earth
And passion gives us wings to fly
And as we all aspire
Passion is the fire
That feeds and fuels each solitary cry

It═s time to ground the visions that we bring
To firmly anchor in each separate part
There═s no one obsolate or useless thing
As this picture born of peace brings home our hearts

Corrina Cop Rain McFarlane

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