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Posted by iMagine... LOS ANGELES! Event June 19, 1999 on June 11, 1999 at 00:26:42:

In Reply to: Just "Imagine Weaving The Dream!" © 1990 posted by Penny McManigal on June 11, 1999 at 00:18:10:

posted for iMagine... LOS ANGELES!

. ńA City of Angelsī
. - Quantum Event -

. Saturday, JUNE 19th, 1999 -
. 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Greetings, Everyone!!

Have you ever wondered when the moment would actually come where we
would have the opportunity to start the shift of global


Inspiring the entire human race to embrace a more peaceful, caring and
loving mode of existence...

Living in the recognition that what affects our neighbor also affects

That it is not wrong to offer spiritual orientation to our children, yet
no one religion can lay sole claim to God...

That war is a thing of the past...

That the earth must be sustained if we are to be sustained...

That progress can start with something so simple as the mere balancing
of our own endowment of yin and yang...

That our health is also linked to factors beyond the material...

And, that we are far from being alone in our yearnings to set things

Let us activate the Angel in each of us! JOIN US... as we each
contribute to facilitating a shift of consciousness for our city.
Converging a thousand strong we will set the intention for Los Angeles
to emerge a true "City of Angels". As we collectively bring our gifts we
manifest a piece of heaven right here on earth. Committed to serving the
world by leading the way, our example will ripple out to our families,
our communities, our nation, and ultimately the farthest reaches of our

Come to collectively discover the ńAngelī within and unlock the dreams
we all carry to make them a LIVING REALITY. The bridge between Heaven
and Earth is at hand - some might call it Stargate 2000, others "the new
Paradigm"... As bold, wise and adventurous people sharing, let us bring
the long-awaited AWAKENING, here & now!... You are invited to a day that

. - Visioning, healing, storytelling and playful celebration
. - Interactive, multi-media events
. - Sublime music
. - Phenomenal facilitators
. - Laughing, crying, playing and sharing the dreams that transport us
to expanded realms.

Share this with all of your friends,
and... Don't forget your wings!.

for more information, visit our new website:

P.S. if you do not live in the area, or you cannot attend, please Hold
the Consciousness with us all day on Saturday, June 19th.

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