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Posted by Jane King on June 11, 1999 at 11:55:47:

In Reply to: Just "Imagine Weaving The Dream!" 1990 posted by Penny McManigal on June 11, 1999 at 00:18:10:

posted for Chris and Jane King:

Subject: Weaving Renewal Jul 99 Santa Fe

We are writing to you to invite you to join with us with one heart in
conceiving and conveying to others the Gaian/Dionysian whole Earth
empowerment "WEAVING RENEWAL" evoked below. This empowerment is the seed for reconciliation between humanity and nature in reflowering a third of the
world's living diversity. Please reply to this invitation! Time is critically short to fulfil this fertility awakening. This is Gaian/Dionysian tradition and no accident.

Please do reply as a third of Earth's living diversity is the grail!

To access the concept in visual terms you can go immediately to:
the text version follows with attached jpg.


Wisdom Earth Democracy

invites you to join in


A Gaian/Dionysian Rite of Passage in Co-creative Partnership
to unlock the Age of Paradise

Whole Earth Empowerment, Santa Fe, NM, 31st July 1999

The Renewal consummates human cultural tradition in a key rite of passage
celebrating our cosmic coming of age. Together we will perform apocalypsia -
the bridal 'unveiling' of the epoch of paradise - to cherish Earth's living
diversity and replenish it into the immortal genetic future, through reunion
in the sacred marriage - of female and male, body and mind, chaos and order,
spirit and nature - enlightenment of true love in Earth's ecological

In this pivotal transition, we end the Biblical epoch of dominion of man
over woman and nature in culminating the millennium, as we consummate the
creative partnership of Eve and Adam, Inanna and Dumuzi, Magdalen and
Christ, goddess and god - feminine and masculine in reconciliation - the two
becoming one again - in the very tradition of Gaian/Dionysian theatre of the
unexpected that founded the Western tradition of visionary arts and
Christianity itself in the sacramental vine.

This reconciliation in divine comedy reweaves the garment of immortality,
healing broken-heartedness through reconciliation of all paths,
Christianity, Wicca, Tao, Judaism, Islam, Sufi, Buddhism, Shamanism, and the
paths of diverse ethnic peoples, as components of the human visionary stream
of consciousness, complementing the verdant natural spectre of evolutionary
cosmology manifest in all species of Earth's ancient, unfolding genetic web.

The Invitation

We invite you as artists, performers, musicians, dancers, dreamers,
visionaries and co-celebrants to evoke with us the new eco-Genesis. Not just
a ritual performance, but root empowerment - lightning reuniting heaven and
Earth in rains of plenty - the Renewal is both exceedingly ancient and
post-New Age, fulfilling the ancient Essene prophecy in opening the doors of
perception to our unfolding future.

Please Contact Us! (Chris)
Please Contact Us! (Jane)

Uncertainty and Creative Empowerment

Please note that because this is a transformative rite of passage and not
merely a ritual or performance, its power depends on the active
participation of all people present. It is thus not a performance with
necessarily a fixed plan or venue. All aspects of the Renewal are intended
to be unpredictable, uncertain and unclear until the unveiling takes place.
It may be in the desert, in the city on a mountain in the forest or all or
none of these. Only by meeting the appointment with destiny will you know
and participate creatively.

Ecosystemic Democracy and Biodiversity

Avoiding the death of two thirds of nature is the paramount gift of life to
the living future. The grass-roots purpose of pronouncing apocalypsia is to
save the full third of biological and genetic diversity which could die in
addition to the third inevitably doomed to extinction forever. This is the
triage of the world apocalypse. Reducing mass extinction of life by a third
is a massive social undertaking and conscious readjustment to the long-term
nurturing of abundance. We invite social ecologists, ecological feminists,
Earth-firsters, Greenpeacers and all who love the diversity of planet Earth
to come into meeting at this event to conceive the process of replenishing
the Earth in ecosystemic democracy.

Contact Information

E-mail: Chris King ,
Jane King

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