The Best Game on Earth

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Posted by Norie Huddle on September 03, 1999 at 23:16:53:

posted for Norie Huddle
Subj: The Best Game on Earth
Date: 09/01/1999 8:17:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Norie Huddle)

Can you help spread the word, please??

I go to Japan on the 5th of September, where we will be launching The Best Game on Earth. I'm copying below a breif description of The Game. Please pass it along to your many friends--we'd like to get a wonderful barrage of emails to Japan by September 10, hopefully from many many countties.

We'd love to have people share their transformational stories that fit within the context of The Game. They should be sent by September 10, to

Thank you!!!! Also, encourage your friends to pass this along to their friends, etc., etc.

Together we can do what no one of us can do alone. Website, etc., coming soon.

Love and Light, --and thank you very much!

The Best Game on Earth

"Some day, when we have harnessed the power of the sun and the waves and gravity, we will learn how to harness the power of love. And then, for the second time, we will have discovered fire." -Teillard du Chardin -

Consider that life is a game which we play by rules, working toward goals. The immediate playing field is the planet Earth. As we have been playing the "life game" so far, our goals and rules are not usually stated consciously--and, indeed, they often conflict with the goals and rules of other people. The result is confusion and conflict--and wasted time and resources.

Consider that if we consciously agree on a few basic goals and rules, we can introduce a new "life game" which is much more enjoyable and effective for everyone.

Consider that each of us has gifts which we want to contribute, and that we can do together what none of us can do alone. And that by cooperating, we can multiply the wealth and be more fruitful in our efforts. By cooperating we can be better stewards of Earth.

Consider that telling the story of how we are doing it, and inviting participation from those who hear and see the story being told is one of the most natural ways to spread the "fire"....which will, indeed, end the world as we have known it.

And consider that we call this "The Best Game on Earth."

The goal of The Best Game on Earth:
To create peace, health, prosperity and justice universally on Earth by the year 2012.

The rules of The Game:

-Speak the truth.
-Acknowledge the truth when others speak it.
-Come from love and respect.
-Leave the trail better than you found it.
-Expect miracles.
-Do what gives you joy and create joy in what you do.
-Be generous with who
you are and what you have.
-Be a good friend and teammate.
-Clean up your messes, learn the lessons and move on.
-If you have an idea for how to improve The Game, share it!

Throughout history, in every part of the world, there have been people who in some fashion have played The Game--but have not known they were playing it. Today, too, many people and groups are playing The Game, at least to some degree, but most of us haven't known it. By naming The Game, agreeing upon new guidelines for working together, and consciously focusing on achieving a positive set of goals within a clear time frame, we will all benefit.

In one sense, it is time for a "global show-and-tell" about who is doing what and about what needs to get done. Imagine for a moment that we are sitting around a global campfire telling the stories of how we are engaging in healing the Earth. This time, it is the "cool campfire" of television, and we are sharing our work--our "love-in-action"--with other brothers and sisters in our global village.

By pooling our collective wisdom, knowledge, expertise and talent, we will progress more quickly toward the goal--and make the process more enjoyable for all of us. Television, telephones, radio, print media, computer networks, short-wave radio, fax machines....we will use all of these tools and more for expressing the Good News of how our Global Family finally is coming together in the twilight years of the 20th century to heal ourselves and the Earth....

Consider that in this Great Gathering, each one of us has a piece of the puzzle--and that in putting the pieces together, we will discover the larger patterns of meaning. That when the larger patterns have become clear, together we can discover our next steps forward.

Consider that each one of us is critically needed to complete The Whole. And that we are all here to serve a greater purpose.

To begin playing The Game, carefully examine the goal and the rules. Do these make sense to you? Which ones are already second nature to you? Are there areas you feel you need to strengthen? What kinds of activities are you engaged in within your family or out in your community--local, national, global--which further the goals of the Game? Are you letting your light shine, putting out positive images into our collective "global mind"? And, how can we best invite collaboration from others who dream the same dreams? How can we organize ourselves most effectively so that all the necessary things are taken care of? How can we best celebrate our successes and build on them?

You and your actions are critical to the success of The Game. Thank you for playing your part!

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it!
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."
- Goethe -

Send your stories for the Tokyo launch of The Best Game on Earth by September 10, to:

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