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Posted by Penny on November 20, 1999 at 11:15:50:

In Reply to: millennium celebration posted by Genevieve Metro Corbin on November 19, 1999 at 14:55:59:

Dear Genevieve,

Thank you for your enthusiastic interest in sponsoring a "Weaving The Dream!" celebration in Reno, Nevada!

You have asked me how you can sign up. Consider it done! Your own intention is the key. There is no *right or wrong* way to create Weaving The Dream! The vision is to empower people all over the globe to co-create sacred circle "weaves" with their friends, families, organizations, or whatever. There is no group too small or too large for this shared endeavor!

Examples of completed prototype "weaves" range from:

1.) Working with two groups of about 200 people each at international conferences, (using the plans as described on the website) in Monterey, CA and also in Glastonbury, England .
(see for details)

2.) Co-creating a small family "weave" with 11 of my own family members
to celebrate my Father's 90th birthday (see

3.) September 1999, Co-creating a small "Traveling Weave" for 140 people attending a Russian-American conference of Myth and Symbol on board a cruise liner in Russia. (The background, warp & weft, was made out
of strips of sturdy paper combined into a simple basket weave and created
as 4 sections, each 3' X 4'. After each section was creatively "woven" with ribbons, yarn, etc. the 4 sections were connected into one standing circle of 3' x 16') with a large image of our planet in the center.

Future variations of some plans being made by other groups include: Calif. State University at Long Beach (CSULB) which will co-create a 100 foot
diameter circle made with the flag poles of the 90 nations represented
by their student body and 30,000 expected attendees at their annual Kaleidoscope Celebration and Vejar Elementary School in the Walnut School District, which is considering making their sacred circle as an indoor model, using 1" and 1/2" pvc pipe and a volleyball net. One person has written from Hawaii, saying she is planning to co-create a Weave around a huge walking labyrinth she has planted as a garden! A large well-known family in Margaux, France plans to use their bamboo poles and volleyball
net to co-create their Weaving as a big celebrational party for their family and friends in the Bordeaux area.

Possible variations on the theme of Weaving The Dream! are as endless as there are people to imagine; the major thing is for people to set the intent and then to begin planning!

I am happy to help you plan! You may call me at 949-721-8059 or, ideally, you can send any questions and/or messages to our Message Board, posted for everyone to see so that we can all help one another as a planetary community with the synergy of our multiple ideas:

We ARE the world and volunteers make grassroots grow!

Cyberblessings and Pax (Peace) to you,

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