April 29 Full Program/ CA State Univ, Long Beach

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Posted by Weaving The Dream! Digest ( on March 13, 2000 at 22:51:58:

. at the
Kaleidoscope Festival: April 29, 2000
Central Quad, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
CA State University, Long Beach,

* Activities for the Entire Community * Free Parking*

(Part of a Worldwide LiveArt Co-creative Project for 2000)
Weaving The Dream! (at CSULB)
Four Sacred Circles Within One
The Sacred Circle of Life!

YOU (and your family and friends) are invited to help us celebrate
the spirit and soul of our Lives in Community by co-creating
* Weaving The Dream!*, as part of a worldwide, LiveArt Project for
the New Millennium, to honor that interconnected ñfabricî we call
HOME, our Planet Earth!
© 1988-2000

Conceived by Penny McManigal, Artist for Peace and Transformation,
the concept of Weaving The Dream! is based on recognizing that a
circle has been the symbol of wholeness on every continent and for
every culture throughout the history of humanity, as also has been
the ancient craft of weaving.

This design presents a 100 foot diameter sacred circle, which is
created with the 90 flagpoles and flags of the CSULB student body,
and surrounded by netting, opened at each of the Four Directions.
Within the sacred mandala are four 40 foot diameter Sacred Circles:
Sacred Sound and Movement Circle; Sacred Interative Visual Arts
Circle; Sacred Labyrinth Circle and our Celebratory Co-Creative
Weaving The Dream!, Circle of Life!

** Every attendee at Kaleidoscope is asked to bring a colorful piece
of CLOTH*, about the length of a manÍs tie or a womanÍs long scarf.
Your material can be as simple as a piece cut from a T-shirt or as
elaborate as you wish. The more meaningful the piece of cloth is to
you personally, the more meaningful the experience will be for you!
You will be invited to step up to the CircleÍs netted *loom* and *weave*
your gift of cloth into the large background *warp* and *weft* of the
Weaving The Dream! Sacred Circle, thus co-creating an organically
and interconnected Community Weave. There is no one way to weave
your cloth into the whole, just as we are each unique and diverse
individuals trying to live together peacefully in the Community
we call our Planet.

This *Weave* creates a visual metaphor for our larger invitation as
citizens of our Planet; we are dependent on your active participation!
No material, no Weave!

Join a guided Circle Journey with The Shamballa Foundation
to help you Define The Dream! The Shamballa Foundation is an
organization providing programs and projects that inspire, develop
and promote a deeper experience of Self, ultimately leading to

Tha Sacred Sound and Movement Circle


* Opening: Indigenous Blessings and songs
Georgiana Beloit Sanchez and John Merino

* CSULB Community Drum
Songs given to the CSULB American Indian community from
various Native American traditions: CSULB Students Faculty
Staff and Alumni


* Caravan, Santa Barbara,
Sacred World Music and Dance Group
Sufi, Arabic, Northern Indian Classical music

* Irish Blessing
Juana Mestres, vocalist

* The Divinity IN Project
Sacred Movement in 2 parts with Declaration
Uran Snyder and Friends


* Am Or Olam, with Rabbi Moshe Halfon
Traditional Yemenite/Jewish and Arabic music
on doumbek, chants and dances.

* Dances of Universal Peace
Rev. Tasnim Fernandez acclaimed Sufi Teacher,
accompanied by Linda Gibson, Omar Kaczmarcayk,
Akshara Cohen and Stephen Longfellow Fiske

The Dances of Universal Peace are joyful, easily
done, sacred-circle group dances. Live musical
accompaniment supports the singing and movements.
All loving hearts are welcome. No dance experience


* Peace Troubador: Stephen Longfellow Fiske
Creating images in sound which reach "the common heart".


* Closing: The World Peace Prayer Society
World Peace Prayer Ceremony

The Sacred Visual Arts Circle (interactive)

* Christiane Muniere
Quilt Maker and Fabric Artist, Pennsylvania

All attendees are invited throughout the day to sit at various
tables and paint a small section on fabric which will become
a co-created Peace Quilt. The pieces will be displayed as they
are finished.

* Brian Trimble, Ceramicist, and Associates

Brian and associates will create a large New Civilization
landscape in clay. Visitors to this project will be invited to
make and add their own objects to this ñnew worldî. From
time to time Brian will speak about this project, guiding
visitors to envision a purposeful intent for their created objects.

* Pamela Estes and Makeup Artists
Create Face Landscapes! You are invited to have your face painted
in the spirit of the day. Paper and crayons will be available to
help create your symbolic face design.

* Uran Snyder
Add your Prayers for Peace to UranÍs sacred symbol,
a four foot tumbleweed wrapped with grapevines.

The Sacred Labyrinth Circle (a walking meditation)

Presented in the Spirit of Community by Temenos of Long Beach,
A Cancer Support Program Uniting Alternative Choices with TodayÍs

In the original Greek, ñTemenosî meant a sacred space. Our translation
of that word has come to symbolize the healing environment within
and around each of us, through which empowerment and wellness can
flourish even in the face of cancer.

* The Labyrinth - Walking a Spiral Path

Walk into the space. People are moving back and forth upon an intricate
purple tapestry hand-painted on canvas 36 feet in diameter. Each is
carefully following this ancient design. Some walk at a pace as slow as
breath, while some bob and weave, moving to some other rhythm, while
others walk the tapestry with a thoughtful and measured pace. Men and
women of all ages and all lifestyles are walking the labyrinth, a sacred
design offering integration between the body, mind, emotion and spirit.
Each seeker is rediscovering an ancient practice, now being used as a
technique for exploring the spiritual and psyhological challenges of
contemporary life.

The labyrinth is an archetype, a divine imprint, found in all religious
traditions in various forms around the world. The walker follows a
winding path, a circular pattern without any trick turns or dead ends.
The path acts as a mirror for where we are in our lives. As the
participant passes through the three stages:
Shedding, Illlumination and Union, they experience how the labyrinth
touches their sorrows and releases their joys, when walked with an
open mind and an open heart.

Sponsored by the Odyssey Project, CSULB

Sharon L. Olson, Director University Academic Projects
The Odyssey Project (Weaving The Dream!)
CA State University, Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90840

562/985-4546 FAX 562/985-7786

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