Weaving with 2000 children K-12, April 7th

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Posted by Pax* Centurion* News ( on April 14, 2000 at 11:35:52:

April 7, 2000
Weaving The Dream! with 2000 children (K-12)
Academic Day, CSULB

Last Friday, April 7th, was a grand day! As the 2000 children from
many Long Beach schools arrived they were met by student CSULB guides
who brought them to the 7 foot tall *Weaving The Dream!* circular
structure, erected that morning on a beautiful grassy lawn near the
Bookstore. The many, many classes arrived in waves, every 15 minutes,
throughout the entire day.

Each child was invited to add a piece of cloth to our *Weaving The
Dream!* structure. A short discussion was held with each class about
the fact that they would be helping to co-create a visual image (metaphor)
of our interdependent and interconnected planet. The children were asked
to consider how we EACH have a part to play in co-creating the Future and
to consciously become the kind of person we want others to be towards us,
as well as to choose to use whatever talents we have which will enhance the
wholesome spirit of our shared future.

With the sweetness and open-heartedness of youth the children quickly
added their contributed cloth to the net *loom*, watching with amazement
over the day as our structure filled out, becoming a wonderfully varied
and colorful 7 foot tall cloth Camelot Castle by mid afternoon.

These contributions of the children will be added to the Sacred Circle of Life
Circle at *Weaving The Dream!* April 29th at the CSULB Kaleidoscope Festival.

In addition there were numbers of Academic Expository Writing and other
Classes on April 7th, wherein the children were invited to consider their own
dreams for the future and what contributions they could manifest to help make
these dreams come true. There were also classes on * Defining The Dream*
and classes on How to become *Character Champions*.

Many thanks to the Odyssey Project staff at CSULB, to Lenore and Don Garman,
to iMAGINE LOS ANGELES! (Shamballa Foundation), to Dr. Diana Ketterman
(Character Champions), to Paul McManigal and to the children, their teachers
and guides for helping to co-create the day.

Everyone agreed it had indeed been a Grand Day!

Whatever you can do,
or dream you can,
begin it...
Boldness has genius
and power and magic
in it.


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