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Posted by Penny ( on September 27, 2001 at 22:04:15:

. Weaving the Dream! Digest ........ Vol: 9 ...: 9/27/2001

. Pax* Centurion* News*

*Thich Nhat Hanh, REST IN PEACE
*Dr. Elaine de Beauport, author of THE THREE FACES OF MIND
*Penny McManigal, Sweet Mystery of Love

(by Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh)

I am a World Trade Center tower, standing tall in the clear blue sky,
feeling a violent blow in my side, and
I am a towering inferno of pain and suffering imploding upon myself and
collapsing to the ground.
May I rest in peace.

I am a terrified passenger on a hijacked airplane not knowing where we
are going or that I am riding on fuel tanks that will be instruments of
death, and
I am a worker arriving at my office not knowing that in just a moment
future will be obliterated.
May I rest in peace.

I am a pigeon in the plaza between the two towers eating crumbs from
someone's breakfast when fire rains down on me from the skies, and
I am a bed of flowers admired daily by thousands of tourists now buried
under five stories of rubble.
May I rest in peace.

I am a firefighter sent into dark corridors of smoke and debris on a
mission of mercy only to have it collapse around me, and
I am a rescue worker risking my life to save lives who is very aware
that I may not make it out alive.
May I rest in peace.

I am a survivor who has fled down the stairs and out of the building to
safety who knows that nothing will ever be the same in my soul again,
I am a doctor in a hospital treating patients burned from head to toe
who knows that these horrible images will remain in my mind forever.
May I know peace.

I am a tourist in Times Square looking up at the giant TV screens
thinking I'm seeing a disaster movie as I watch the Twin Towers crash
to the ground, and
I am a New York woman sending e-mails to friends and family letting
know that I am safe.
May I know peace.

I am a piece of paper that was on someone's desk this morning and now
I'm debris scattered by the wind across lower Manhattan, and
I am a stone in the graveyard at Trinity Church covered with soot from
the buildings that once stood proudly above me, d! death meeting death.
May I rest in peace.

I am a dog sniffing in the rubble for signs of life, doing my best to
of service, and
I am a blood donor waiting in line to make a simple but very needed
contribution for the victims.
May I know peace.

I am a resident in an apartment in downtown New York who has been
to evacuate my home, and
I am a resident in an apartment uptown who has walked 100 blocks home
a stream of other refugees.
May I know peace.

I am a family member who has just learned that someone I love has died,
I am a pastor who must comfort someone who has suffered a
heart-breaking loss.
May I know peace.

I am a loyal American who feels violated and vows to stand behind any
military action it takes to wipe terrorists off the face of the earth,
I am a loyal American who feels violated and worries that people who
look and sound like me are all going to be blamed for this tragedy.
May I know peace.

I am a frightened city dweller who wonders whether I'll ever feel safe
in a skyscraper again, and
I am a pilot who wonders whether there will ever be a way to make the
skies truly safe.
May I know peace.

I am the owner of a small store with five employees that has been put
out of business by this tragedy, and
I am an executive in a multinational corporation who is concerned about
the cost of doing business in a terrorized world.
May I know peace.

I am a visitor to New York City who purchases postcards of the World
Trade Center Twin Towers that are no more, and
I am a television reporter trying to put into words the terrible things
I have seen.
May I know peace.

I am a boy in New Jersey waiting for a father who will never come home,
I am a boy in a faraway country rejoicing in the streets of my village
because someone has hurt the hated Americans.
May I know peace.

I am a general talking into the microphones about how we must stop
the terrorist cowards who have perpetrated this heinous crime, and
I am an intelligence officer trying to discern how such a thing could
have happened on American soil, and
I am a city official trying to find ways to alleviate the suffering of
May I know peace.

I am a terrorist whose hatred for America knows no limit and I am
willing to die to prove it, and
I am a terrorist sympathizer standing with all the enemies of American
capitalism and imperialism, and
I am a master strategist for a terrorist group who planned this
My heart is not yet capable of openness, tolerance, and loving.
May I know peace.

I am a citizen of the world glued to my television set, fighting back
rage and despair at these horrible events, and
I am a person of faith struggling to forgive the unforgivable, praying
for the consolation of those who have lost loved ones, calling upon the
merciful beneficence of God/Yahweh/Allah/Spirit/Higher Power.
May I know peace.

I am a child of God who believes that we are all children of God and we
are all part of each other.

<THREE FACES OF MIND, teacher to many of us...>>

New York, September 25th, 2001

Dear Friends,

I thank you all for the loving concern I have received these past days. I am
also deeply impressed by the wisdom, insights and calls for action by so
many. I have longed to write, but could not find my voice. I am not sure I
can today, but could no longer resist the effort to share the different
insights that have occurred.

1. A prayer :
May these events give me the strength
to act on those things I need to do
The strength
To listen to others
To learn about others
To recognize the best in others
To heal my own anger
To bind up old wounds
That God”s energy may fill me so that
I may be fully able to love.

2. Words from the gut written last week as part of a new preface for The
Three Faces of Mind to appear in paperback, January, 2002.

ÐWe can no longer afford to ignore the power of emotions, especially the
power of hurt emotions guiding the hatred and determination launched at the
United States in the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon or
that more individual anger that provoked the violent shootings at Columbine
and other schools in the country. Technology has provided the weaponry;
humanity has not provided the knowledge of how to heal anger.

Anger is always a sign of wanting and hurting, hurting because we
could not get what we wanted. If that frustration and anger is not healed, if
we cannot give ourselves what we are wanting, we will blame others and harbor
that hurt within us until we find reasons to justify the anger and turn it
into hatred which in turn we use to justify violent action against the other.
Violence is based in unresolved emotion.¼

3. Two Calls for National Action

- The national colors, as they were carried in the cathedral in
Washington for the first memorial service, need now to include the banners of
the firemen, the police and some representation from the medical world. My
wish would be to allow the nurses to fill that representation. The reason to
include these banners is to make real our honoring of their work in this
attack on the country. Defense is no longer only external; it is also

- Because the economy is so dependent on consumer confidence and on air
travel, the measures we take now are urgent and extremely important. I
believe partial measures will not be sufficient. I believe that the
government needs to take the responsibility for airport and airplane
security. It is not only a matter of money, but of trained personnel that
will provide confidence. I suggest that this become an arm of, a
responsibility of the Air Force or the Air National Guard. I can hear the
cries of keeping our military separate from our civilian life. I respect
those cries, but want to point out that portions of those already trained in
the Air Force or Air National Guard can be organized separately and indeed
perhaps should have their own name and own federal status. We already have
the example of the CIA”s responsibility for foreign intelligence and the
FBI”s responsibility for internal intelligence. Now it is more than
information and old fashioned intelligence. There is a need for a well
coordinated action of protection rather than just guidelines, standards,
fines and general bureaucratic paper shuffling. Now it is a matter of
internal action able to protect an internal industry vital to confidence and
a strong economy. I believe there are ways to organize this and protect
independent private ownership of airlines as well as our civil liberties.

Perhaps you would wish to add to these two suggestions. If you agree with
these two calls for national action, will you please pass them on to your
congressmen, congresswomen and Senators. Many thanks.

4. Call for A New Alliance - A New Initiative

As we rely on our government to take measures for our protection and against
terrorists, we must know in our hearts as well as in our minds that
governments” capability is limited to the traditional methods of the past.
After thousands of years of war we must know that government may start wars
and end wars, but that prevention must call on all of us as individuals and
groups who care about peace to reach more deeply to invent those actions
which will enable us to live well, and in respect for one another”s safety
and culture.

We live in a time when cultures are falling in upon one another; national
boundaries and consequent protection are minimum and generally meaningless.
The technology of weapons far exceeds our human capacities to meet one
another with knowledge, caring and actions of respect. We meet each other
with ignorance, harm and attempts to dominate or wipe each other out. ÐMy
culture is better than yours, my religion more spiritual, my country more
powerful.¼ These are very old games. We live now on a planet, each person
a citizen. We need new games; games of knowing, caring, respect and yes love.
I offer the following for your consideration :

We cannot depend on governments
We know they can wage war
They are not equipped to wage love
War begets war
With some intermittent years of peace
Then more war to deal with the revenge left over from the past hurts,
left to fester into anger, think up reasons to justify hatred and gather
strength to act in violence.

War does not heal hurts
Love heals hurts.

Governments have no departments of love
They can act prudently and wisely sometimes
Their citizens also can, sometimes

But only love can take the initiative
-in healing hurts
-nurturing creative actions
-and consciously sustaining life.

Will we arm ourselves with love?
Do we know how?

Is there an army of lovers?
Who will join?

Adding our efforts to governments in a new way
just as the Peace Corps was added to help with economies
just as the Red Cross and organizations to aid in hunger relief have
been added to heal the physical body.
can we add a New Initiative that will help us to heal the mental emotional

I do not know its name- another Peace Corps, A Heart Corps, A Love Corps- I
do not know its name, but I do know that
There is a need for a New Alliance, a New Initiative.

Surely that means more connections with each other, especially among those
individuals and groups with the ability to tip the balance in the world
towards well being, sensitivity and peace.

Surely that means including ourselves as part of God. In my opinion a New
Initiative would need to deal with a new definition of God and the spiritual.
I would like to offer the following thoughts as we all join to consider a
definition of God that would include humanity and all creation.
Oneness is essential. Inner and outer are two aspects of that oneness. I
believe that a principal cause of these tragic events was the belief that God
exists Ðout there¼, beyond the human dimension. We see ourselves as
separate, sacrificing ourselves for His eternal reward. We argue that maybe
He is a She and that would make all the difference, but I believe that would
not make sufficient difference. Whoever or whatever is a God that does not
include us, would continue to enable us to hide again in absolutes, unmindful
of the hurt existing here on earth. Why is it so difficult to see the God
in us? We need a dramatic shift in our belief system to enable us to be
included in all of God”s creation.

I am suggesting that a New Initiative be based on the belief that we are all
parts of God. There is no separation between the human and the spiritual.
All life is energy and spirit is the concentrated energy running through our
veins. We are finite beings capable of representing the sacred on earth and
also capable of experiencing glimpses of the infinite mysterious Presence.

As finite beings it would be equally necessary to recognize darkness as well
as light as part of God”s creation; to know that darkness is that hidden
energy waiting to emerge as light. What would be the purpose of light if it
were not to illuminate the darkness? Is darkness not God”s invitation and
frontier and call to bring more light into this sacred creation?

To freeze darkness as evil or as Satan or the Devil is to give us permission
to turn our backs enabling us to isolate, imprison and even kill others
rather than engage in the necessary activity to bring light, love and warmth
to prevent the increase in darkness. Did we allow those hurting in
Afghanistan to remain in darkness trying to find solace and love in a God
Ðout there¼ rather than here among us and inside themselves. Did we allow
the two students at Columbine to stay in their darkness, being laughed at,
isolated, until they determined they would be seen and noticed ? If there was
not love here among their peers... what was there to lose ?

A New Initiative would see it as the job of civilization to deal with
darkness, to heal hurt, to enter the hidden. A New Initiative would see
darkness as our personal work requiring a change of concept, a change of
values, a participation on a personal level for each of us to bring light
into our own darkness, into that part of us that longs to love and be loved,
that longs to experience the light.

5. Love. If a New Initiative is to include love, do we know how to love? My
reflections from my experience and work with our three brain systems are:

Love in our NeoCortex is about:
- Finding and appreciating the best in everyone.
- Listening to those hurt,
- Knowing where others are coming from, which would mean having
knowledge of their past history and culture, and knowledge of their present
through reason, visualization and intuition

Love in our Limbic Brain is about:
- Being affected by the best in everyone
- Being empathetic
- Helping to heal anger by helping to give to ourselves what we are
wanting others to give to us or being able to negotiate with those we still
hold as targets of our hurt and anger

Love in our Basic Brain is about
- Being able to accompany other life
- Being able to nurture and protect other life
- Action on behalf of those hurt

Recognition and continuous recognition of the best in every one through
verbal and artistic expression, through physical connection and presence
as well as through the gifts of actions.

Continual awareness of the best in ourselves and others is the easiest way
to actively create love.

These are a few thoughts and strong feelings concerning a New Initiative, a
New Alliance. It would take many resources to mount an effective initiative.
Do you wish to participate? Whether yes or no we would love to hear your
ideas, visions, strong feelings and next steps that we might take together.

This message includes love, advice and help from Aura Sofia.

With love,
Elaine de Beauport
*McManigal: Sweet Mystery of Love

Weaving The Dream!
a worldwide LiveArt co-creative Project for the new millennium

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