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Posted by Penny McManigal June, 1998 at 14:23:56

___________************* PAX CENTURION NEWS*************_________________

Issue #1 June 1998

The text put together here has a twofold purpose: ONE to explain a bit about the idea of the "Weaving The Dream!" Project, as it is currently beginning to manifest for individual communities around the planet, and also as the "Visioned idea" for a World Class Celebration; TWO to share my own background as both artist and community worker, in order to give people some idea of my own history in visualization and manifestation. Please share where you see fit. Many thanks.

Many Blessings,
Penny McManigal

(Below: Recent developments, and requests for any ideas and/or resources you might be willing to share for Weaving The Dream!)

"Weaving The Dream!" ©1990 & ©1997
Proposal of Penny McManigal
International Transformational Artist-for-Peace

I am currently in the early planning stages for a World Participatory "Live Art!" Celebration for the New Millennium. The purpose of this celebration is to help us better visually symbolize and experience the "seamless fabric" which is our interconnected and interdependent planet. This project is about creating a Sacred Circle ritual for participants all over the planet.

The project is designed in two ways: to exist on a small scale which can be created anywhere by people around the world (as a 10 foot diameter sacred "woven Standing Circle") and by also creating a very large scaled interactive World Participatory "Live Art" Celebration for the New Millennium, (viewable both at the site and also through the medium of television or video), commemorating and honoring our mother Earth and her planetary children.

PHASE ONE of this project was produced at the International Healing Summit (participants from 22 countries) in Monterey, CA in October1997!

Weaving The Dream! will soon be "Anchored for the Northwest" at Sacred Theater in Ashland, Oregon (July '98); co-created in Klamath Falls, Oregon Aug.18-20, 1998 for the "500 Day Countdown to the Millennium"; co-created also in Glastonbury, England (August 25-30) at the International Healing Summit 2 and then continuing its "Weave" on to Switzerland and France.

PHASE TWO is now underway on a developing website which will share ideas, photos and simple plans, so that interested people around the world can easily and inexpensively create their own small interdependent "Weaves" (with such groups as their own schools, churches, businesses, organizations, cities, clubs or perhaps at family reunions). The website will be ready by the Fall of 1998 so that people can begin to prepare for millennium celebrations with High Purpose and deep meaning! The website will include an interactive bulletin board Forum which will allow people around the world with an easy way to both ask questions and share ideas as, group by group, the planet begins to "Weave the Dream!". The mindful PROCESS itself will be every bit as important as the final three dimensional results! Written and visual documentations of the manifestation of this vision from its earliest moments will be encouraged, including the endlessly rich and varied stories of the people will who contribute to its growth. All of this will build the synergy toward the creation of "The Weave" at its fullest manifestation, Phase Three of Weaving The Dream!

PHASE THREE: The Phase Three Celebration will include a sculptural, ceremonial "Live Art Weaving" to help us visually symbolize the "seamless fabric" that IS our interconnected planet. This "Sacred Circle", evoking memories of such ancient sites as Stonehenge and earlier, will be created by including two colorful standing pillars for each country in the world (one pillar for the male, one for the female). In the center of this very large Sacred Circle, surrounded by a net "weft and warp" and providing an open gateway, will be the "eternal flame", a commemoration for all generations of children: past, present and future. The center may also include a very large labyrinth ("The Dromenon", the labyrinth on the floor of Chartres Cathedral) for the celebrants to experience. Our planetary brothers and sisters from every country in the world will be invited to donate pieces of cloth, which will be sent to the site area and later be woven into this "Sacred Circle" (Sacred Hoop) by the visitors to the event of Weaving The Dream!, thus creating our Żseamless fabric’. This Woven Standing Sacred Circle can either be designed to be a permanent monument to our civilization's hopes and dreams, or to exist for the time period only.

(Phase Two: Meanwhile our planetary family will also be invited to create smaller versions of this same design for their own celebrational events).

As much as the Vietnam Wall is a lasting tribute to honor our Dead, this "Sacred Circle" (our Sacred Hoop, or any other sacred circular mandala ) will create a new monument "Of and For the Living!" Ideally the event will also include music and folk dances from all over the globe, culminating in a one week celebrational event sometime during the summer of 2000 A.D. (at an undecided location, such as The Mall in Washington D.C. or where can you imagine it???).

All practical volunteer assistance and suggestions are welcomed! Thank you and pax (peace)!

Penny McManigal

Do you have information to share for Weaving The Dream! ??

If so please Contact:
Penny McManigal
949-721-8059 (fax/phone)
(with 2 more links, found at the bottom of the page)

One: "Peace For Our Children", background of the artist, Penny ............... McManigal
Two: Weaving the Dream! proposal as a World Participatory ................'Live Art' Celebration for the New Millennium

Or you may post your response at: Global Mindfullness (a global forum "bulletin board" for world peace) and link right on through to the information listed above


At this very early stage "Weave" projects either have been created, are under way, or a sincere interest in the proposal has been indicated in:

Monterey, CA (co-created Oct. '97)
Sacramento, CA
Ashland, Oregon (July, '98)
Klamath Falls, Oregon (Aug. '98)
Orange County, CA (Fall '98)
Toronto, Canada
Glastonbury, England (Aug.¼98)
Miami, Florida
Brisbane, Australia
Mackay, Australia (in active development)
Cambria, CA (music for website)
Doraville, Georgia
Washington D.C.
Kensington, Maryland
Palo Alto, CA
Adrian, MI
Zurich, Switzerland


May we add your geographical area (and your name and e-mail as a contact) as interested in creating a 10' "Weave" in the place of your choice for 2000? Or do you have a fabulous idea (and also hopefully a contact) for a spectacular site for "The Big 2000 Celebration"? Many thanks for your help in weaving the Dream!

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!" (Goethe)

"It's a small world after all!" and, as Tiny Tim said, "God bless us every one!"


Art Biography: Penny McManigal, 1998
Re: Weaving The Dream!, interactive Millennium world 'Live Art' project

Penny began to draw and create at age two. The arts always seemed to enrich everything she did as she progressed through school. In 1954 Penny graduated >from Fullerton Union High School (Fullerton, CA, USA) as Student Body President and also received the First Place award for Fine Arts in Southern California for the "Bank of America Achievement Awards’. She received her B.A. >from Pomona College in 1958, (majoring in art, minoring in English and serving as Student Body Vice President). Some graduate work was done at the Oakland School of Arts and Crafts during her summers when teaching Elementary School in northern California (while her husband, Paul, finished his Ph.D. in nuclear physics at Berkeley). Penny was listed in ŻOutstanding Young Women of America’ in the 60s. Her early work of captivating watercolors and acrylics revealed her delight in life and introspective reflections of passing time.

Most delightful among her "creative experiences" has been as mother to her two wonderful children, Lisa and Scott; Artist as Mother!

Among Penny¼s significant solo exhibits was a 1982 showing of 62 paintings at ŌGalerie France¼ in Bordeaux, France. Included in her other numerous solo or group exhibitions are: The Oakland Museum, Claremont Colleges¼ Montgomery Gallery, Ankrum Gallery (L.A.), Laguna Beach Art Museum, ŻAll California’ (San Diego), Pomona College, Sherman Gardens Gallery, Chapman College, Newport Civic Center Gallery, Irvine Fine Arts Center Gallery, The city of Buena Park Civic Gallery, National Academy of Sciences¼ Office of International Affairs and Nuclear Arms Control, International Museum of 20th Century Art, Women¼s Opportunity Center (University of CA at Irvine), The Beckman Center (Irvine) National Academies of Sciences and Engineering, United Nations Orange County chapter and the United Nations¼ NGO 4th World Conference on Women (The Peace Tent), China, SCA, the association of "Southern California Artists".

Penny¼s public collectors include: the City of Anaheim, The Junior League of Orange County, American State Bank, The American Red Cross (Orange County), St. Vincent de Paul-Joan Kroc Center (San Diego), a children¼s museum in Moscow, (then the USSR), The Richard Nixon Library, Langhorne Peace Center (PA), Pomona College (CA), The American and Russian stations at the South Pole, The People¼s Network (TPN) TX, The Rocky Mountain Institute (CO)., People to People International, MO ('96).

In addition, Penny¼s work is represented in private collections on every continent, including such notables as: President Mikhail Gorbachev (USSR '89), H.H. The 14th Dalai Lama ('89), President George Bush ('90), Madam Anwar Sadat, Egypt ('92), Yuval Rabin, Israel ('96), John Denver and the Windstar Foundation, Director of the Bordeaux Museum (France), Congressman Christopher Cox (CA), Wangari Mathai (Kenya, Africa), and Dr. Yvgeny Velikhov, Vice President of the Soviet Academy of Sciences and Director of Soviet Nuclear Arms Control ('89), Russia.

Following the presentation of ŻPeace for our Children’ (which was given ŻTo President Gorbachev on behalf of the children of the world’ at a USSR-USA Youth Summit in St. Vladamir Hall at the Kremlin in March 1989) Penny became a grassroots Transformational Artist-for-Peace and has since been donating a percentage of her sales to non-profit groups which support children and/or peace, such as: Child Help USA, Children¼s Home Society, The U.N. Council for Global Cooperation and Goodwill, The Southern California ŻPeace Child’ Honor Choir, The United Nations Center (Orange County), Saint Michael¼s and All Angels ŻEpiscopal Peace & Justice Conference, S. CA’ (Newport Beach), The National Federation of Parents for Drug Free Youth (1987 and 1988), Earth Day, The Clara Barton Spectrum Awards (American Red Cross), Women of Vision Conference (Georgetown University.), Yoga for Peace International Peace Conference (Israel), The International Healing Summit (CA), World Parliament of Religions, People to People International and many, many more!

Penny¼s artwork has appeared on the covers of ŌOrange County Illustrated¼ magazine, ŌAwareness Magazine¼, ŌOrange County Lawyer¼ magazine, People to People International magazine, as well as numbers of ŌWomen of Vision¼, WOVA publications, and as the 1988 Centennial poster for Pomona College.

Others of Penny¼s numerous and varied artistic activities have included: five years as a Newport Beach City Arts Commissioner (committee); volunteer art teacher (both writing and teaching the curriculum for six years) at Eastbluff Elementary School (Newport Beach, CA); teacher Newport Harbor Art Museum Children¼s Art Workshop; free lance graphic designer, Artist-as-Photographer and also a short time as a part owner in a cloissone¼ pin business.

In 1988 Penny¼s focus took a radical 180 degree turn. Beginning with her acrylic on canvas, ŻPeace for our Children’, which was presented to President Gorbachev in The Kremlin in 1989, she continues to paint images for a more peaceful world, expressing the collective visions and yearnings of our transpersonal ŻWorld Soul’. Always of deep interest to her in her earlier work, the subjects of sunlight and shadow moved from her delight in the temporal exterior world to the profound light and shadow of the vast realms found within. Her latest work reveals the power of symbol as a universal language, able to transcend language barriers and help create new thoughts. She believes that today¼s artists are urgently being called upon to share their sacred images of a world which can find a way to live in peace and harmony.

Wherever she is Penny continues to see a world of pathos and beauty, enticing us to look Żwith eyes that love this world’. Recent travels in the past ten years to the richly diverse visual sights in Russia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel and China have also brought a new artistic dimension into form, that of ŻArtist as Photographer on The Trail to Peace’. Whether painting bold acrylic canvases of a world in transformation or photographing people as they appear in the physical world today, Penny¼s work celebrates life¼s rich diversities, thereby honoring our vast cultural, mythological and personal heritages. In 1997 Penny created "The World's First Interactive Cyberquilt" on AOL, where colors can be shared among its members. In the end over 70 individuals from around the planet had shared their email designed "peaces" for the Cyberquilt. They were then "cut and pasted" into one beautiful interactive work of art, "The World's First Interactive Cyberquilt". There was great enjoyment in the process of being in such easy contact with our distant planetary citizens!

At this time Penny McManigal has integrated her lifetime of active community leadership with her work as a professional artist into an increasingly active co-creator on the world stage, as "Artist As Healer" and as "Transformational Artist-for-Peace". As such she will be Presenting: "Artist as Healer" with Barry Sultanoff, M.D., of Washington D.C. ("Healer as Artist") at the International Healing Summit, August 25-30 1998, in Glastonbury, England.

McManigal's vision for the approaching new millennium includes the creation of a World Project which she has named Weaving the Dream! (also sometimes referred to as "The Weave").

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