Pax Centurion News: Fall 1998

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Posted by Penny McManigal on September 24, 1998 at 22:36:53:

___________************* PAX CENTURION NEWS*************_________________
Issue #2 September 1998

* "Weaving The Dream!", our world interactive Millennium Co-creation Project got off to a fine start in the Summer of 1998!

* In early July "Weaving The Dream!" was co-created at Sacred Theater in Ashland, Oregon. The particular emphasis of this "Weaving" was to "Raise a flag for the Northwest" and to honor The Ancestors of us all.

* On August 19th "Weaving The Dream!" was co-created at the 500 Day CountUp to the Millennium in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Participants representing about 35 different national and international organizations shared in its co-creation, facilitated so capably by ellenHelga Weiland of

* Meanwhile, on August 19, Penny and Paul McManigal boarded their flight to England, headed for The Healing Summit in Glastonbury (August 25-30). Our luggage included a colorful ski bag, filled with 26 seven foot bamboo poles and
as many 18" re bars, as well as a small bag filled with gidgets, gadgets and a volleyball net (all to be used to construct the environmental sculpture of "Weaving The Dream!”) The unlikely sight of a station wagon topped with a ski bag in late August must have caused a few people to scratch their heads as we enjoyed 5 days of traveling through the countryside in the South of England!

The good news is that upon our arrival at Millfield School (a very fine and prestigious Preparatory School near Glastonbury) we were directed to a beautiful expanse of lawn which had been designated as the future site for our "Weaving The Dream!" co-creation. The campus grounds included many permanent outdoor sculptures. Our capable crew of 4 (including Barry Sultanoff and Peggy Meiklejohn) put our own published website words of Ýdirection” to future producers of "Weaving The Dream!" to the REAL time-test. We erected our sculptural "sacred circle" background for "The Weave" in about one hour. Having done so, we would suggest that you leave yourselves a bit more time, unless you had done a "dry run" beforehand (which we heartily recommend!). Having much open lawn space to consider we actually chose a spot which surrounded a small tree. That little tree seemed to offer the perfect subject around which to co-create the expression of our future "weaving" celebration, a visual image of unity for the health of our whole planet! Around its trunk we wove a small rainbow of ribbon and then placed plant and flower materials around its base (including a small rock and a feather from the first "Weave" in Monterey, California in 1997.) The gateway of our circle was topped with a string of small, colorful Tibetan prayer flags (brought to us from India by our daughter) as well as another small set from America. To either side of the "Gateway" entrance we wove in a few particular materials to help "hold this sacred space". These included a piece of cloth from the first prototype in 1997, another special piece which was from cloth used at the recent Klamath Falls "Weave", rainbow cloth runners at either side of the Gateway and a long rosy red streamer for "Life!"

The next morning our group of 175-200 International Healing Summit participants who represented many faiths, ethnic backgrounds and countries from around the world (including Australia, South Africa, Russia, India, Bosnia, Belgium, Canada, the USA, England, Israel, Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar, Wales, Scotland, Japan, Portugal, Barbados, Zimbabwe, Portugal, West Indies, The Isle of Wight and other unique places) gathered outside in the English sunshine, each carrying his or her own "gifts" of cloth to give to our co-created "Weave". To the resonant tones and cadence of drummers at the beginning and end of our long lines we approached "Weaving The Dream!", led by our native American participants. Circling our ÝWeaving The Dream!” Sacred Circle to the continuous sounds of the drums we then began to sing a new song offered to us by Lois Wentworth, whose words synchronistically included "weaving" and "dream"! Carlo Hawk Walker Carlino: Fire Keeper, Sun Dancer and Pipe Keeper of the Lakota Sioux, drummed and sang a powerful Healing Prayer. After moments of silence in which we considered the presentation of our individual "gifts" towards creating our future "unity of the whole", all members of our new group set about finding their ways to "weave" their cloth into the sacred circle structure. We did this to the continuous beats of the drums. Then we all stepped back to view the results of our many offerings. The overall results were organic and very colorful; the details were our own individual expressions, varied and as rich with stories as we were. Together we had created our "Camelot" for the remainder of the Conference.

On the last morning of the Summit we once again gathered to surround our "Weaving The Dream!" co-creation, whose colorful cloth "offerings" factually represented many people who were now known to us personally, as well as including the energies of the many new stories of our lives, experiences, hopes and dreams. This time everyone surrounding this sacred circle was invited to remove one piece of cloth from "The Weave" (not the Ýpeace” they had brought) to take home as a tangible reminder of our time spent together. As the drums beat people circled the sculpture, determining which "offering" to accept as theirs? There were sounds of laughter as some participants exclaimed over finding out whose cloth they had chosen. There were some tears. People stopped to talk with one another, the colorful pieces of cloth draped around their shoulders. It was a beautiful scene. We had become a "Community".

Following the final official Closing of The Healing Summit in the Millfield Theater we 4 original co-creators of the ÝWeaving The Dream!” structure pulled the ski bag and small black bag (which had held the "stuff to make dreams of") out of our station wagon. Within 15-20 minutes everything had been dismantled. The ski bag was then once again tied to the top of our car, the little black bag of gidgets and gadgets added to the the rest of our luggage. This co-creation had been a successful visual metaphor for Life! Dust to dust; now "ground to ground", the vast green lawn at Millfield School looked as it had been before. Only nothing was the same! The visuals had been stunning. The energies at this spot were now infused with the heart fullness of all who had participated in "dreaming their dreams of planetary and individual Healing and Wholing".

* Later Paul and I traveled on to France, Switzerland (and an unexpected weekend in Austria). In Margaux, France we were the honored guests of the family of Bernard Ginestet (famous as former owner of Chateau Margaux, former Mayor of Margaux, writer of many books and so much more). It had been 15 years since the solo Exhibition of my paintings in Bordeaux. Reuniting our friendships with the entire Ginestet family (and meeting 5 of the 7 grandchildren) was simply wonderful. As Bernard shared that they too wished to prepare their own co-creation of "Weaving The Dream!" we rather unexpectedly left all of those materials from our ski bag and little black bag in Margaux, France! Now we will follow their future Ýweaving” activities with great interest, knowing that Bernard and Annette Ginestet and family are consummate planners and producers of many fine artistic and community events.

* All of our future travel was then without any "Weaving " gear. And so it was that we stopped at a nursery in France to see what products were available for creating a "Weave" structure. We found bamboo (as we had in Glastonbury) and other kinds of substitutes for a volleyball net. The general idea is actually so simple that we feel certain that people anywhere can easily imagine a way in which to construct their own background sculpture for a "Weaving The Dream!"

* An example of one specific commitment of interest came in Switzerland from a Board member of the international ICCASSI (Adlerian) Board who would like to see a "Weave" co-created at their international conference (which will be in the USA in 1999 and in Switzerland in 2000).

* In addition, many people who attended The Healing Summit spoke of wishing to co-create "Weaving The Dream!" in their own homelands.

* So, for now our objective is to ask each of you to please commit to creating some special event mid year 2000 in which you too can co-create your own version of "Weaving The Dream!" for the new Millennium! We are here at to explain the details, post some photos and diagrams and invite you to share your own ideas and information with us via our interactive Message Board. Once you visit that site on our webpage you will read of many others who have already joined us! Add your name ; volunteers make grassroots grow!

The time is now!
"If not now, when? If not you, who?"

May this Fall of 1998 see us "leaf-ing" our unskilled behaviors behind, as we instead join others of like mind who wish to help co-create a legacy of beauty and harmony for the future of our shared Family Tree!

My very special thanks to Paul McManigal, Peggy Rubin, ellenHelga Weiland, Barry Sultanoff, Peggy Meiklejohn, Suzanne Keehne and Pam Perry!

Love and HeartArt,
Penny McManigal
Pax (peace)
(the clarity of the photography and art will depend on your monitor settings. Any questions? Please notify ellenHelga Weiland at

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