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Lübeck, Luebeck

my/ well, our Hometown!

With her seven spires of the five ancient and magnificent cathedrals.
What a sight to behold when coming east on the autobahn from Hamburg!

Lübeck Marien KircheLuebeck Marien Church

St. Marien Kirche, my favorite.

Weiland, Mike
The queen of the Hanseatic League.

World famous for it's completely delicious marzipan
and the great red wines and rums, stored and cured to perfection
and it's multitude of other tasty brews!

Quote sent to us by Dieter, "Lub Dieter Sweden"


This beer dolly (click on it) came to me by way of Murphys, California.
The Luebecker Association held a re-union in the gold rush country of California in May '98,
what a joy and blast to get to know so many wonderful individuals sharing a love and such a long held affection for my hometown.

I believe, we photographed this in the upper floors the Holsten Gate and it is Luebeck's

Luebeck, Weiland

Free City Seal.

The current Weiland clan

Ellen Weiland Mike Weiland

This is Ellen and Michael photographed many years ago in ???
Well you guess and send us an eMail.
If you get it right, we will send you a prize!!!

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